3 Terrors that Kill Your Sexual Performance (avoid)

I often talk about the DANGERS of processed food, not exercising, drinking tap water and so on.


Sometimes I forget to mention the 3 most obvious things of all…

The 3 things that will ll KILL your sexual performance, faster than just about anything else.

Why do I forget these 3 ‘erection killers?’

Probably because they’re so obvious I just expect you to NOT do them.

However, an email from a reader the other day, reminded me why I should never assume people are doing the right things.

John wrote:

“Hey Adam. I’m struggling with my performance in the bedroom. I’m drinking plenty of water, exercising and eating well. Lots of fruits and veggies”

So far so good, right?

Yeah, but then John said:

“I am also smoking 2 packets of ciggies a day.”

My response?

“John, I think you’ve answered your own question”


No matter what else you do RIGHT – you cannot expect to enjoy maximum health and sexual performance if you:

– Take recreational drugs

– Abuse alcohol


– Smoke cigs

Drugs, alcohol and cigs might seem ‘Rock n’ Roll’

But, trust me…

Being able to get ROCK-HARD and f*** your woman like a BOSS, any time you like…

THAT’s Rock n’ Roll! 😉

Try drinking Man Tea Rock Hard Formula for 90 days straight and watch what happens to your performance.

Your woman won’t be able to handle you! 😉

Hope you’re having a great weekend,

Adam Armstrong




8 thoughts on “About”

    I received your product after ordering on 06/15/2016 and started using the same day, according to your instructions.
    Today, 07/05/2016, my response to you is like with many other products, you write a lote of HYPE, which under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are correct!
    I have the same “limp” experiences I’ve experienced before and even now after taking the product as prescribed!
    I am tempted to try another month, requiring however a new purchase of the TEA.
    I will do so, for the special price of $77.00 you referenced in the offer of a continuous monthly supply, charging to a Credit Card.
    I WILL NOT HOWEVER, do a continuous monthly reorder, NOT KNOWING if the product will result in giving the advertised qualities! (Wet noodles is the problem and I am looking for a cure!)
    Please reply immediately as I am running out of the Tea in a few days!

  2. Hi I like to mix your man tea into my morning smoothie. Will I get the same results by not drinking man tea warm? Please let me know. I am using 2 teaspoons of man tea in the smoothie. Thanks Frank

  3. I have been trying to sign up for the Platinum Customers Club offer that came with my recent ManTea order. I used the link that was directed in the letter but cannot fine the “sign up” page.

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